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Pampa Corporation is an Argentinian based multidiscipline organization aiming to provide customized solutions in the areas of renewable clean energies, real estate, project financing and capital markets advisory.

A former employee said this in a review “Pampa Corporation has retrograde thinking, inequitable remuneration, doubtful actions, they prioritize business over people. It doesn´t have a defined business strategy, only financial opportunity, today they can invest in a business and tomorrow dispose of it, regardless of the work that that means, which generates a lot of tear on his people".


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MH Hudson says

"Terrible experience, ordered XL tall wetsuit online, got email confirmation stating 8 days to delivery, 2 days after that still no sign so I called them and they then reverted to say the order was severely delayed and they just cancelled it. Now I don't have a wetsuit for my holiday. Horrific experience they should have told me proactively much sooner that they couldn't deliver it."

Claire says

"Placed an order on 31.07.20 and paid for next day delivery. It is now 04.08.20 and I have still not received my order nor have I had any communication to indicate where my order is or when I am likely to receive it."

Sam says

"Paid for next day delivery took 5 days"

Saskia says

"Hi I do not like to leave bad reviews unless necessary. I ordered with yourselves and my order came in a plastic bag in a box with nothing else, no confirmation notice, returns label or process to follow if wanted to return. I emailed and I have still had no response. So now I’m left with an item I don’t want and feel I have no option to return it. Very disappointed."

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